RemObjects Data Abstract Delphi, .NET oder MAC
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Now in its sixth version, Data Abstract™ has helped developers create robust, flexible and scalable database solutions for over five years.

Data Abstract is a comprehensive framework that takes the burden out of data access and allows developers to concentrate on the core part of their application - data presentation and business logic, without having to worry about the intricate details of dealing with the underlying database. Available in three separate editions for .NET, Delphi and OS X, Data Abstract allows the creation of database applications on any of these individual development platforms, or to create platform-spanning solutions that run on a variety of client computers and devices.

How Data Abstract Works

Data Abstract is built on the multi-tier paradigm of data access, meaning that it separates database applications into a middle tier (server) application that enforces data integrity and business rules, which is then accessed by a client tier application that directly interacts with the user. This model addresses several concerns:

  • All data access happens through a controlled access point that can make sure data integrity is maintained and clients cannot bypass security or access data they should not be allowed to see.
  • A single middle-tier can consolidate business logic used be various clients - for example a Windows based desktop client for rich data access, and a thin iPhone client for use in the field.
  • Specifics of the underlying back-end database are abstracted away, so client applications do not need to be concerned with database-specific access technologies and are shielded from changes to both database structure and database type.