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• Provide On Site- and Project-Support (Trainings, Coaching,...)
• Plan and Accomplish Lean Assessments and Projects/Workshops
• Provide/Share/Apply Lean Tools and Methods
• Analyse and Improve Workflows, Processes,...
• Establish Lean Roadmaps with Site-Core-Team
• Creation of Synergies and Best Practice Sharing


• University degree in economics or equivalent degree / certifications
• More than 3 years of work experience as a Lean Specialist
• Knowledge of Lean Management in administrative areas and lean methods and tools (Structured Problem Solving)
• Experience in Project Management and with Integrated Management Systems (e.g.: ISO Specifications/Requirements)
• Proven track record of process improvements which led to increased efficiency and sustainalbe reduced cost
• Good understanding of Digital Workflows
• Experience in the development and accomplishment of Lean Trainings
• Fluency in German and English

For this position we offer a minimum payment of 49,820 € /year, plus social benefits and possible bonuses. Especially qualified and experienced candidates will be offered overpay.

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