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Technische Universität Wien, generally referred to as TU Wien, is located in the heart of Europe, a place where one can experience cultural diversity and international life. Research, teaching and learning have been conducted here in the service of progress for 200 years. TU Wien is amongst Europe’s most successful universities of technology and, with over 30,000 students and a staff of about 5,000, is Austria’s largest scientific and engineering research and education institution.
The University of Applied Sciences FH Technikum Wien focuses on bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in various technological domains. These are based on a solid scientific foundation with a high degree of industrial relevance. Predominant projects like the Josef Ressel Center for Verification of Embedded Computing Systems contribute to the state-of-the-art in tight cooperation with the Austrian industry.

TU Wien and FH Technikum Wien are seeking exceptionally talented and motivated students for their joint doctoral program on Resilient Embedded Systems.
Your profile:
The prerequisite for becoming a PhD student is a finished master degree or equivalent, preferably with distinction, in the fields of Computer Science/Informatics, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering or Information Technology

This program is aimed at highly motivated students who want to work in one of these main research topics:

- Digital circuits and hardware architectures
- Dependable, real-time systems
- Hybrid systems and optimal control
- Quantitative and runtime verification
- Computational modeling and simulation
- Autonomous systems, robotics and automation systems integration
- Control networks design
- Cyber-physical social systems & (Industrial) Internet of Things

We offer:
Successful candidates will receive a 30h employment from the hosting institution (TU Wien or FH-Technikum Wien) - EUR 30.077,25 gross salary per year.

Further information: